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Houseboat in White Sands, near Murray Bridge

Updated: May 4, 2022

Houseboat in White Sands, near Murray Bridge

With its relaxed, meandering path winding through South Australia's Riverina Districts, the Murray River is an ideal location to spend your next vacation.

The Indiana Houseboat gives you options to either unwind in the modern and secure moorings at Riverglen Marina, White Sands, or for the more adventurous and nautically inclined, to venture out into the river and discover the Murray River region.

Moored at White Sands just an hour up the freeway, the Indiana Houseboat is conveniently close to Adelaide. Although many people choose to stay in a hotel or condo when they visit the Murray Bridge region, those looking for something truly different could consider renting a houseboat.

The location

The Indiana Houseboat is moored at the Riverglen Marina in the beautiful White Sands reach just downstream from Murray Bridge. Not only is this modern Marina secure, it also provides eco-conscious services including filtered water etc.

Marina rules apply including quiet time 10pm - 7am and no parties, so it is an ideal location for a peaceful and restful escape.

Activities Nearby

You could consider reading that book you just never seem to find time for, or venture out to explore the local area - or do both!

Here are just some of the activities our Guests have enjoyed:

Murray Bridge

Is just 10 minutes away

A 2022 Top Tourism Town finalist for 2 years in a row, there is plenty to see and do in this bustling country city.


Move on from Murray Bridge to Mannum to discover the old world paddle steamer PS Marion and enjoy a short cruise and yummy Devonshire tea. The boat leaves Arnold Park at Mannum 11am, 1pm and 2:45pm most days. Civilised times for the dedicated holidaymaker.

Tailem Bend

As the name suggests is on the river’s last major bend as it heads for Lake Alexandria and eventually out to the sea. Venture out to the substantial Old Tailem Town Pioneer Village with over 110 historic buildings. Join one of the Ghost tours and discover why Old Tailem Town is known as South Australia’s most haunted town.


Enjoy a fine country meal at the Welly Hotel


The Monarto zoo is just 20 minutes away by car. See some of the world's most exciting anaimals in a natural habitat!

Local Dining

If you enjoy dining out, and who doesn’t, there's almost too many options to consider including:

Murray Bridge (10 minutes)

  • Bombay Beat Indian

  • Parklane Hotel Vietnamese

  • Imperial Chopsticks Chinese

  • Pho 70 Vietnamese

  • Murray Bridge Pizza House

  • Bridgeport Hotel

  • Willow Point Wines

  • Swanport Hotel

  • German Cake Shop

  • Riverscape Restaurant

  • Murray Bridge Community Club

  • Steamers Café

  • Wong's Happy Gathering Chinese

Mannum (40 minutes)
  • Pretoria Hotel – Mannum

  • Community Club - Mannum

Tailem Bend Hotel - Tailem Bend (20 minutes)

Langhorne Creek (30 minutes) Dining and wine tasting
  • Bremerton Wines

  • Bleasedale

  • Angas Plains Wines

  • Lake Breeze Wines

Why a houseboat makes great holiday Accommodation

A houseboat holiday is a unique experience especially when compared to a cabin or waterside accommodation. You are part of the scenery! You have the option to move or remain moored and whatever you choose you have direct access to the magnificent Murray River.

Feed the swans, ducks and pelicans directly fro the swimdeck. Swim in the river and enjoy sunsets over the river.

Everything you need is on the houseboat with comfortable spaces for all members of the family.

Should you hire-drive or moored accommodation

Spaces on the houseboat

Indiana Houseboat is designed with several different spaces, depending on the needs of your guests.

Front lounge: Indiana's front lounge features a comfortable sofa and a small bar area, perfect for enjoying the morning or afternoon sun. A TV and DVD player is available for movies.

Rear lounge: Facing out onto the river, the rear lounge is a comfortable area for a family and to enjoy wonderful views of the Murray River. The open plan design includes the kitchen, dining area and breakfast bar.

Swimdeck: Enjoy a swim or lounge in the sun, feed the birds and enjoy a barbeque .

Upper Deck: Includes eight seat dining setting, sun lounges, a bar area to enjoy the view from above.

What to expect when you board the houseboat

Indiana has everything you need for your stay. all you need to bring are your clothes, the food you plan to eat during your stay and a commitment to relax!

How many people fits comfortably on the boat

Indiana Houseboat has three bedrooms. The master with a queen bed, the other with a double bed. The third bedroom has four bunks which the children will love but these bunks are NOT suitable for adults.

About the Owners

Grant and Angela have many years of experience in preparation and hosting of BnBs.

Indiana is their latest project and the positive reviews received to date are evidence that they are on the right track. They clean and maintain Indiana themselves as they have done with previous properties and take great pride in the quality and cleanliness of Indiana.

What is this going to cost you?

The cost to hire Indiana depends on wether moored accomodation or hire/drive is selected.

Indiana can be located elsewhere along the river for hire/drive prices available upon request.

The cost to hire Indiana depends on your preference of moored accommodation or hire/drive

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